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Calling all Angelenos: Grand Central Market Pop-up

We have some BIG news that we're super excited about: next month we will be hosting a pop-up experience all about LA's gourmet past, present, and future at Grand Central Market! This is such a big step for LAExplained as we're so proud of this city and we're looking to showcase its culinary history - but we need your help!

We have so many fun things and collaborations that we'll be announcing in the coming weeks, but we want to ensure this space is not just about us - but about you too. We're on the lookout for vintage menus, postcards, matchbooks, signage, dining booths, displays, and more! On a more personal level - we're looking for Angelenos' family recipes, anecdotes, event invitations, personal photos of vintage LA dining experiences, anything and everything food-related that you can think of.

Feel free to reach out to us with a message on our Instagram or via email at

We can't wait to see you there!


Pic 1: Grand Central Market. Bustling as always - back in 1987. Photo by Robert Gabriel.

Pic 2: Bob's Big Boy - 1980. Photo from the Claremont Archive.

Pic 3: The cover of a 1934 menu from The Brown Derby. Photo from the LA Public Library

Pic 4: Fruit vendor in la Plaza - ca. 1978. Photo by Roy Hankey.

Pic 5: Chasen's - 1980. The longtime Hollywood icon that hosted every Hollywood star there was between 1936 and 1995, with a chili recipe so good that Elizabeth Taylor purportedly had it flown to Rome while shooting Cleopatra. Today it is home to our friends over at Bristol Farms. Pic from the Claremont Archives.

Pic 6: Portion of a Chasen's menu from the 1950s. Love the handwritten suggestions! Pic from eBay.

Pic 7: looking down Broadway in Chinatown with @phoenixbakery immediately on the right - 1978. Photo by George Rose.

Pic 8: Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall at the Villa Capri back in 1957. Photo by Earl Leaf.

Pic 9: the Schwab's Pharmacy sign being removed after the longtime hangout's closing in

1983. Photo by James Ruebsamen.

Pic 10: Here's a clue as to what just part of our LAExplained experience will be like at Grand Central Market! The interior of an LA grocery store back in 1942. Photo from the USC Archives.


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