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Soaring Through Time: A Fascinating Journey into the History of LAX

Los Angeles International Airport, known as LAX, has stood as a symbol of human ingenuity and the power of flight for over eight decades. As one of the busiest airports in the world, it serves as a gateway to the enchanting city of Los Angeles and beyond. From its humble beginnings as Mines Field to its current status as a bustling global hub, LAX's history is a testament to the remarkable progress of aviation and its profound impact on the world. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the transformative moments that have shaped LAX into what it is today.

In 1928, LAX, then known as Mines Field, was a small municipal airport located in the outskirts of Los Angeles. It started as a simple landing strip for small aircraft and served as a venue for air races and flight training. However, as the allure of air travel began to take hold, Mines Field witnessed a gradual evolution. With the increasing demand for air transportation to Southern California, the airport emerged as a vital gateway, connecting the region to the rest of the world.

The outbreak of World War II brought significant changes to LAX. The United States government recognized the airport's strategic importance and transformed it into a major military base for the United States Army Air Forces. Mines Field played a crucial role in military operations and served as a training ground for pilots during the war. As the conflict came to an end, LAX shifted its focus to commercial aviation. With a vision of becoming a leading international airport, LAX underwent extensive expansion to accommodate the growing air traffic.

The 1950s marked a turning point in the history of LAX. The advent of jet aircraft revolutionized air travel, and LAX embraced the Jet Age with open arms. The introduction of faster and more efficient jets led to a surge in passenger numbers, necessitating the need for longer runways and larger terminals. LAX underwent a comprehensive modernization program to meet the demands of the changing aviation landscape. This ambitious endeavor included the construction of iconic buildings such as the Theme Building, an architectural marvel that became a symbol of LAX's futuristic spirit.

Over the decades, LAX has expanded its reach and solidified its status as a premier global gateway. It has attracted numerous international airlines, connecting Los Angeles to cities around the world. LAX serves as a vital hub for cultural exchange, commerce, and tourism. Millions of passengers pass through its gates each year, experiencing the thrill of discovering new destinations and reuniting with loved ones. LAX has become a symbol of connectivity, enabling people to explore the world and fostering the exchange of ideas and cultures.

The captivating history of LAX is a testament to the remarkable progress of aviation and the enduring human desire to connect with one another. From its modest beginnings as Mines Field to its present-day prominence as a bustling international airport, LAX has experienced remarkable growth and transformation. It stands as an icon of human achievement and the gateway to countless dreams and adventures. As LAX continues to adapt and innovate, its rich history soars alongside it, leaving an indelible mark on the aviation industry and the vibrant city of Los Angeles.


Pic 1: The Theme Building looking gorgeous as ever -

1983. Photo from the Claremont Archives.

Pic 2: LAX in 1961 during its massive transformation to accommodate more travelers and larger jets. Photo from the USC Archives.

Pic 3: The U formation of the terminals and airport road has given us that great traffic for decades haha. 1974 pic from The Way We Were Reddit group.

Pic 4: Inside one of the terminals - 1963. Photo from the Daily Breeze.

Pic 5: Taxis lined up back in 1980. Photo by Carol Westwood.

Pic 6: Kids watching planes take off - 1968. Photo from the Daily Breeze.

Pic 7: The new international terminal under construction before the 1984 Olympics.

Photo from the Claremont Archives.

Pic 8: The Theme Building under construction - 1960.

Photo from the USC Archives.

Pic 9: Always loved this photo of LAX in the 70s. Pic from The Way We Were Reddit group.

Pic 10: 1963 aerial of the new LAX - 1963. Photo from the Daily Breeze.

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