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Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by one of the most anticipated comebacks LA has seen in recent years — the beloved Tail o’ the Pup. Yes — the Pup is BACK and just in time for National Hot Dog Day! In the week since my visit, I’ve told so many people about its return and it’s always met with the same ‘NO WAY! I remember that place!” Like something out of a dream, the larger-than-life stand — with hot dog, bun, and mustard slather — had long stood out in my own childhood memories

During 2020/2021 when I started LAExplained, I realized that I’d happened upon my passion. In between making sourdough bread, learning TikTok, and navigating the COVID pandemic, I started the Instagram account to channel my love of LA history. I know I don’t need to tell you this, but Los Angeles is a place that historically hasn’t had the best reputation for saving its unique structures. The amount of times I see comments like, “I never knew that,” or “wish I’d been able to see it,” is incredible. Tail o’ the Pup’s return gives me faith that there are some people out there that appreciate the old as much as I do. And that legends can be brought back to life. Hats off to the 1933 Group and Bobby Green for truly a job well done.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better - the new location is in what was once known as the Doors Workshop where legendary rock band The Doors recorded their final album LA Woman in the very early 70s.

A couple of days ago, I dared to say that the new Tail o’ the Pup’s food was leaps and bounds above that of the former classic. It’s true. The food is great. With both vintage menu items as well as new ones (and alcohol!) — there ain’t much better. Below is what I had: a Jalapeño Dog, Chili Fries, and a corn dog (Not pictured: Calidad beer).

Now for some amazing pics of the history of the Pup. (All images provided by the 1933 Group).

Tail o' the Pup opened wayyyy back in 1946! Located just north of Beverly and La Cienega, it caused quite the commotion on opening day.

Opening Night - 1946.

The Pup back in 1953!

Whenever I think of this area back in the 50s - I dream of Beverly Park (an amusement park that occupied the site of the Beverly Center from the 40s - 70s). Imagine spending the day as a kid riding all the rides, the train, the Ferris wheel, eating all the food. And then looking across the street and seeing this giant hot dog! Quite a few people have messaged me on LAExplained recounting their memories of Beverly Park/Kiddieland and I always love it.

Date unknown but looks late 50s/early 60s to me. Photo Credit: Henry Diltz.

Love this shot by Julian Wasser from 1963 - note Mount Sinai Hospital in the background (this was years before the modern campus of Cedars-Sinai was built starting in the early 70s.)

The Pup in 1970.

The Pup later on in the 70s after owners Veloz and Yolanda sold it to Eddie Blake.

No post about the Tail o' the Pup would be complete without this photo of Sigourney Weaver enjoying a hot dog back in 1983. Photo by Douglas Kirkland.

Photo credit: Gary Leonard.

By 1985, the imposing Beverly Center had opened across Beverly, replacing the empty space that once was the Beverly Park amusement park. It wouldn't be too long before the Pup had to move over to San Vicente Blvd. where it stayed until the end of 2005.

Here it is in its San Vicente location in an undated photo (potentially late 80s/early 90s).

The San Vicente location in 1996. Photo by Sergio Kanazawa.

And that brings us to the current day! Here are some photos provided from Tail o' the Pup (photo credit: Maxim Shapovalov) of their new spot located at 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard (just west of La Cienega). Today is #NationalHotDogDay and the Pup is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! See you there.

Photo credit: Maxim Shapovalov.

Photo credit: Maxim Shapovalov.

Photo credit: Maxim Shapovalov.

Photo credit: Maxim Shapovalov.


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