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One of our favorite things to do here at LA EXPLAINED is document how the city of angels and its residents have evolved over the years. Here, in the first post of what will become our ongoing THEN & NOW series, we will show side by side images of the same locations many years apart to see how they've stood strong (or been totally transformed) against the the sands of time. First up: Sunset Strip, baby!

The Roxy Then & Now

The Rainbow Then & Now

9000 Sunset Then & Now:

NE corner of Sunset/Doheny Then & Now:

NW corner of Sunset/Cory Then & Now:

Sunset/Doheny Rd. Then & Now:

SE corner of Sunset/Carol Then & Now:

NW corner of Sunset/Hilldale Then & Now:

Looking east on Sunset at Clark/San Vicente Then & Now:


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